JSM signup restriction

Jira Service Management signup restriction let you specify email domains that are allowed for signup via JSM signup form.

Example of use: May be used to restrict the possibility to self-register as a customer on a Service Desk project to only certain email domains.

You will find the page JSM signup restriction under Common, jsm tools in Kantega SSO Enterprise.

Valid email domains

Email domain allowlist for signup of user in Jira Service Management (JSM). Leave blank to allow users from any email domain signup via JSM signup form.

URL part for signup portals that should allow specified email domains

Specify URL parts for the signup portals that should require specified email domains.
All other portals will not have any email domain requirements. If left empty all signup forms will require the specified email domains.

Example: if two signup portals exist:
and only specified email domains should be required for the first, then add /1/ above. This will leave the /2/ portal with signup for all email addresses.

Sign up for an account in Jira Service management

An error message is displayed if the mail address is invalid.