Kantega SSO Enterprise 6.8.x release notes

We are pleased to announce Kantega SSO Enterprise 6.8.

Note that changes introduced in Kantega SSO Enterprise 6.3 will trigger an update of config warning in the Configuration status page upon install. It will convert your settings for Disable Traditional Login and Disable Basic Auth to a new format.


Read the update notes for important information about this release if you’re updating from major versions 5.x or 4.x, and see the full changelog below.



Compatible applications

In general, the latest version of Kantega SSO Enterprise is compatible with the oldest version that has not been ended of life. See Atlassian’s End-of-life (EOL) policy to get an overview of versions and EOL dates.


Changes in 6.8.0

Mar 29, 2023 17:30 CET
Fallback SAML/OIDC username attributes, improvements and bug fixes


  • Introducing option to use SamAccountName as username with fallback to UserPrincipalName if SamAccountName doesn't exist for Azure AD cloud provisioning

  • Whitelisted domains for JSM (Jira Service Management) will no longer be listed during login if there are more than 10 domains


  • Catch for exception that could be thrown when an attempt to create a group failed in read only directory