Kantega SSO EnterpriseDowngrading Kantega SSO Enterprise to the previous version

Downgrading Kantega SSO Enterprise to the previous version

Normally, an app update has no effects on the configuration saved, and the only change that occurs is that new app code is deployed to your system.
This means that uninstalling the current version of Kantega SSO Enterprise and installing the previous version is unproblematic.

You simply have to follow these steps:

1. Click uninstall under Kantega SSO Enterprise in Manage apps (in our example a dev version, 6.7.1 SNAPSHOT):

2. Refresh the page, and see that Kantega SSO is uninstalled:

3. Upload the version to downgrade to with Upload app (in our example the prevous stable version, 6.6.3):

4. And you are all set with the prevous version running!