Updating Kantega SSO Enterprise

When updating Kantega SSO Enterprise, it is recommended to take a backup any time there is a new minor or major version (in version numbers on the format Major.Minor.Patch e.g. 5.11.1). Please pay attention to our update notes in sub-pages under this page. If you are running an older version of Kantega SSO Enterprise (more than a year old), it is very likely that there are some breaking changes in the configuration that have to be addressed upon upgrade. Kantega SSO Enterprise always tries to make the transition automatially, but sometimes it won’t be able to.

If you are updating from version 4 or earler, please also check the upgrade notes from 5.x, since the first breaking changes were introduced there.

Update notes:

If you need to downgrade again after updating the app, see https://kantega-sso.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/KSE/pages/920223745