Reverting Kantega SSO Enterprise to a stable version

If you encounter problems with your instance during update of config, you can come back to a stable state by reverting Kantega SSO Enterprise to the previous stable version.

  1. When clicked “update configuration”, a snapshot of config was taken automatically, now under

Snapshots of config (Backup & restore)

2. Select the snapshot / backup taken before upgrade of config, and click restore. Now the failed update of config is reset to what you had before, and your instance should be revertible to the version you came from.

3. Download the previous stable version of Kantega SSO Enterprise from Atlassian Marketplace, 4.14.6. You find this under versions and clicking See all ... versions on the app listing:


3. Uninstall Kantega SSO Enterprise under Manage Apps:

4. Upload the previous stable version, 4.14.6.


5. Go to Kantega SSO Enterprise and check now whether SSO is working by performing a login test. The system should now be back in its previous state.