Kantega SSO Enterprise



Get an adaptive and comprehensive security layer for Atlassian server and data center environments in one single app. Balance strong security with usability and optimal login experiences.


Available for:


Windows Authentication (Kerberos)

Give users in Active Directory environments and on trusted networks access to Atlassian environments without using usernames or passwords. Read more



SAML and OpenID Connect

Give users SSO from any client and across remote networks. Follow our setup guides to integrate Atlassian environments with any SAML or OpenID Connect identity provider. Read more


Cloud user provisioning

Avoid duplicate user and permission management. If you manage user accounts and permissions in a cloud service, you can set up API connectors or SCIM to continuously synchronize user directory. Read more


API Tokens ​

Allow remote clients to interact with Atlassian APIs without exposing users' login credentials. Read more


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common questions regarding configuration, licensing, and pricing. Read more


Compatible with most identity providers, including:


Our support team is ready to help you out if you need assistance or have practical questions.