Staying on top of user accesses to maintain compliance and save licensing costs

Our customer was a large European bank with 10 000 employees across 15 countries. Over the past few years, the importance of digital channels has grown quickly at the same time as the bank had opened for technical collaboration with third parties to a larger extent than before. To support this transformation, the use of collaborative software like Jira and Confluence had sky-rocketed throughout the organization and new users were added every day.  


The challenge: Inactive users are consuming licenses and follow regulatory requirements 

For the system administrator, the situation posed two main challenges. First, to keep the number of licenses and thus the cost under control. Second, to stay on top of regulatory requirements to restrict access to sensitive information when users no longer had a business reason for accessing it. To stay on top of daily changes in this large, complex organization the system administrator had established a set of manual processes, but they were time-consuming with a high risk of mistakes. When the user volume reached 4000 users, he considered to write a home-made script to automate some of his manual processes but for compliance reasons management required that such a key feature had to be person-independent and have access to professional support and fault handling while in operation. 


The solution: Kantega SSO Inactive user cleanup 

Using user cleanup, you no longer have to perform manual searches, or configure a script or SQL queries to figure out which users are no longer using their license. 

Instead, you configure user cleanup to optimize your license usage, by either deactivating the user, or by removing the user from the licensing group.  


Step-by-step Guide: Configure user cleanup : Step-by-step Guide