Kantega SSO Enterprise 5.0.x release notes

25 October 2021

We are pleased to announce Kantega SSO Enterprise 5.0.

Read the upgrade notes for important information about this release, and see the full changelog below.

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Kantega SSO is getting a massive improvement under the hood, laying the foundation for future functionality. The setup wizard for SAML and OpenID Connect has also been updated with new technology and provide a faster setup with better feedback.

Changes in 5.0.0


  • SCIM New setup wizard for SAML and OIDC identity providers

  • SAML/OIDC New identity provider overview page

  • OIDC Ability to only allow authentication from an OIDC identity provider when MFA is used for logging in

  • Global Configuration status page for compatibility and upgrades


  • SAML/OIDC Removed old onboarding, which was out of date with the rest of the app

  • Kerberos API Tokens Username from header More powerful IP address restrictions for Kerberos, Username from Header and API tokens, now support Full IP addresses, CIDR, and stricter regex formats (start with ^ and ends with $) to specify ranges of IP addresses

Bug Fixes

  • SAML/OIDC Users are removed from and immediately added to the same group again

Security Patches

  • RV_ABSOLUTE_VALUE_OF_RANDOM_INT: RV: Bad attempt to compute absolute value of signed random integer in API Connector ID generator

  • DM_DEFAULT_ENCODING: String to byte or byte to string conversions using default platform encoding instead of consistent standard charset encoding

  • SECLDAPI - LDAP_INJECTION: Potential LDAP injection in user lookup due to missing sanitization of special LDAP characters

  • CRLF_INJECTION_LOGS: Potential CRLF Injection for logs: unsanitized user input put directly into logger

  • XSS_SERVLET: Potential XSS in Servlets that utilize printwriter

  • INSECURE_COOKIE: Cookie without HttpOnly or secure flag

  • UNSAFE_HASH_EQUALS: Unsafe hash equals in API Token validation. An attacker might be able to detect the value of the secret hash due to the exposure of comparison timing. When the functions Arrays.equals() or String.equals() are called, they will exit earlier if fewer bytes are matched

  • Update io.jsonwebtoken jjwt libraries used for JWT validation in OpenID Connect to latest version 0.11.2

  • Increased CSRF protection: Origin header required in POST requests on Kantega SSO Enterprise pages


Changes in 5.0.1

Bug Fixes

  • SCIM Link to 'SCIM network requirements' is incorrect in step 'Network preparation in SCIM setup.

  • API Connector Link to 'Setup provider' in API Connector is incorrect.

  • SAML/OIDC Links to Identity Provider will not render in the JSM portal

  • SAML/OIDC Links to Identity Provider on Jira baseUrl (which is redirected to /secure/MyJiraHome.jspa) will not render

  • Update COnfig Regular expressions in IP restrictions on Kerberos, Username from header and API Tokens are not translated to new format upon update of config

Changes in 5.0.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that prevented certain internal plugin resources from being served from datacenter CDN. They will not show up in /rest/webResources/1.0/deprecatedDescriptors anymore.

  • Kerberos Allow # sign in LDAP username lookups


  • SCIM Not showing SCIM user directories as selectable for JIT

  • Temporarily disable origin requirement for CSRF when saving Kantega SSO changes to be according to Atlassian standards. Will be reintroduced as an optional security improvement later.

Changes in 5.0.3


  • SAML/OIDC Kerberos Catch errors that may happen if Active Directory times out when updating groups during login

  • API Tokens Restrict API Authentication is no longer blocking Jira-Confluence @mention functionality

  • Kerberos Allow username containing \ sign for lookup from when userPrincipalName is username key in Active Directory

  • Soften CSRF check to allow empty origin and referer headers

Bug Fixes

  • API Tokens Fix handling active object errors sees in Postgres during upgrade from 4.x to 5.x

  • Kerberos Disable Kerberos for users in certain groups and directories not working

  • SAML/OIDC Allow upgrading from 4.x to 5.x with IdP type "Other"