Kantega SSO Enterprise 5.10.x release notes

We are pleased to announce Kantega SSO Enterprise 5.10.

We recommend as always to take a backup before performing updates, especially for major and minor versions.
Read the update notes for important information about the updating to major version 5 from 4.x or earlier, and see the full changelog below.

See the latest changes in version 5.10.5.

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Compatible from version


7.1.0 Server, 8.0.0 Data Center








Changes in 5.10.0

Jul 15, 2022 13:30 CET

Beta feature: Copy users from one user directory to another


  • Global New function to copy users and their group and group memberships between user directories. This function is powerful, and can copy users even if a directory is inactive. This way the users can be copied first, and then when ready, the new user directory can be promoted with all the users ready to go.
    This can be used in many migration situations where you need users and their group memberships to be avaliable in another user directory than earlier. For instance it can be used when phasing out using active directory and introducing Just-in-time provisioning to internal directory, or when phasing out just-in-time provisioning and introducing cloud user synchronization from SCIM.

Changes in 5.10.1

Aug 17, 2022 15:00 CET

Bug fixes in OIDC & SAML test page and timing issue in WebServer Test.

Bug fixes

  • OIDC/SAML Bug fixes and stability on OIDC and SAML test pages. Had inconsistencies when custom username attribute was selected or change, and bad error handling for when a custom username attribute was not found

  • kerberos Fix timing issue for triggering the header size probe in the Web Server Test in Kerberos

Changes in 5.10.2

Aug 23, 2022 16:00 CET

Bugs fixes in SCIM, OIDC/SAML wizard and Username from header


  • SCim Made visual improvement to input fields and updated the SCIM setup wizard description for Azure AD

Bug fixes

  • OIDC/SAML Fix incorrect URL to Azure AD in setup wizard

  • SCim Fix issue with duplicated group memberships crashing the scim sync. Now unique lists of group memberships lessens the failure ratio.

  • username from header Fix JSM signup-email from http header not working as intended due to timing issues with loading of DOM elements

  • Changes in 5.10.2

    Aug 23, 2022 16:00 CET

    Bugs fixes in SCIM, OIDC/SAML wizard and Username from header

Changes in 5.10.3

Aug 25, 2022 14:00 CET

Security Patch: stored XSS on group names and update npm library

Security patches

  • Stored xss via group names Stored XSS in Kantega SSO Enterprise via Group names lead attacker to elevate a privileged user account to System admin. When script injection is stored in group names under User Management > Groups, a Select / dropdown component used on the oidc/saml “Group Memberships” page, common “Disable traditional username/password login” page and kerberos “Disable Kerberos for some users ” page was susceptible to stored XSS. The vulnerability is considered of low severity, since the attacker already would need to have administrative access to the system.

    Thanks to Bug Bounty researcher UpdateLap for discovering this vulnerability.

  • Patch CVE-2022-25858 found in the webpack terser plugin

Changes in 5.10.4

Aug 30, 2022 11:30 CET

Bugfix backup of config in Windows and other improvements

Bug fixes

  • Backup & restore A change introduced in version 5.7 of Kantega SSO Enterprise made a subtle change to file handling, which broke the creation of a backup of config file on Windows servers, because of a file lock that occured only in Windows, and passed by undiscovered in Unix-based QA.


  • support debug information The Debug info text in the Support tab now contains information from the latest OIDC/SAML test logins, and such gives a more complete image of the instance without having to send several fragments from test pages in addition to the global Debug info text.

  • api tokens Fix debug log statement which had an inverted reasoning for blocking a request

Changes in 5.10.5

Sep 15, 2022 16:00 CET

Improvements to fallback redirect and default parameters


  • Azure ad OIDC Setting up Azure AD with OIDC will now have populated default parameters for name and email .

  • saml/oidc Added login_hint to the redirect when FALLBACK is chosen as redirect mode.