Username transformations

Username transformations is useful if the username in your user directory has a different layout than the one you need to have in your app. Transformation will be performed before looking up user in user directory.

Configure username transformation for Kerberos either by adding additional domain name or use a regular expression.

Verify that the rules matches and transforms the username as expected before you save the configuration.

Add additional domain name

Configure one additional domain as a suffix that will be added to the username when searching for accounts in your app. Leave the field blank to remove the suffix.

Use a regular expression

Enter regular expression in the fields “Transform” and “to”. Test your configuration with the Configuration tester before you save.


Only lookup based on transformation

The default behavior is that the transformation will be tried first and then additional lookups will be done with combinations of the username in uppercase and lowercase, and also with and without domain. Turn this switch on to only lookup based on the transformation rule.