Frequently Asked Questions



How do I share a specific frame from my design and not the whole page?

First, mark the frame you want to share. When you can see the name of the frame turn blue, you are good. You can do this just by clicking on the frame name or in the Layer panel.










With this frame still marked, click on the blue share button on the top right. Check the box to Link to selected frame and click Copy link. Then paste this URL in Confluence.










Is it possible to share just a component?

I’m afraid not. Figma does not support this at the moment in their share properties. But as a workaround, you can always create frames, put the components into them, and then share specific frames.


How do I disconnect Figma Connect from my Figma account?

Go to your user account in Figma, and go to settings. Scroll down to Connected apps, where you will see Figma Connect. Click Revoke access to disconnect the app.






The URL for sharing I get from Figma is not working

A Figma URL should look something like this: characters/Figma?node-id=random characters

We have found a bug in Figma. If the last part of the URL is missing (marked with bold), you have probably selected a frame and ticked off «link to selected frame.» To solve this, you can either tick "link to selected frame," then you will share the frame you have marked. Or go out of the sharing panel in Figma, deselect the frame, then go back to the share panel and copy the link. With the last method, you will share the whole page.