Excluded user agents in Kerberos

Some user agents will not work if you give them a Kerberos challenge. Therefore, Kantega SSO has a built-in list of clients that will not work with Kerberos. This list is currently:

  • AtlassianCompanion

  • AtlassianMobileApp

  • Axis/

  • Bamboo-

  • BB10

  • Bitbucket-

  • BlackBerry

  • Confluence-

  • Confluence/

  • FishEye-

  • GoEdit

  • HttpClient

  • Java/

  • JIRA-

  • JIRA/

  • Monitoring Agent

If you have a client that uses one of the above user agents that wants to use Kerberos, easiest is if you have this client use another user agent value in its request.

If you want to add additional clients that should avoid Kerberos challenges you may add these to the list on the “User Agent Restrictions” page.