Identity provider icons

In Kantega SSO Enterprise 6.19.0 we improved the look of Kantega SSO Enterprise on login screens by introducing login buttons with icons to help users differentiate between identity providers:

Default icons

The login buttons will automatically use an icon corresponding to their identity provider as shown during setup.

Uploading custom icons

If you want to configure a different icon this can be by visiting the identity provider icons page. This page can be found via Identity Providers → Identity provider icons or via Common → Identity provider icons.



When on the “Identity provider icons”-page, one can upload custom icons by selecting “Browse files” in the row corresponding to the identity provider you want to give a custom icon to. The allowed file types are jpg, png and svg. The maximum file size allowed for the icons is 500 KiB.

If you want to delete a custom icon, this can be achieved by pressing the “Delete” in the corresponding row. Identity providers without a custom icon will not have this option available as seen in the picture above.