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Kerberos as a technology is sparsely documented, and the system administrator knew it would have been too big an investment to build a solution in-house. He decided to go for a solution with built-in Kerberos support, Kantega SSO Enterprise. 


 The solution:  Integrated Windows Authentication / Kerberos from Kantega SSO

Integrated Windows Authentication / Kerberos from Kantega SSO gives the end-user access to Atlassian productswithout entering a username or password. The customer set up Kerberos in the Kantega SSO Enterprise app following our the Kerberos setup guide

 When When configuring complex environments, there is a possibility of making mistakes. The system administrator ran Kerberos test page after completing the setup tasks. The Kerberos test page revealed a bug in the configuration: “Browser sent an NTLM token which is incompatible with Kerberos". ​ 

 The The system administrator then contacted our excellent support for help. Support reproduced the bug and helped the system administrator to solve the problem: “Kerberos will not work when using host-resolver-rule flag during testing in Chrome to configure DNS for your server “.