[Legacy] WSO2

This guide is for an older version of Kantega SSO Enterprise and is no longer maintained. New guides are here: https://kantega-sso.atlassian.net/l/c/rNTaTonz .

In Kantega Single Sign-on add an identity Provider of the type "WSO2".

On the Prepare step, copy the ACS URL. You will use this later.


Open the WSO2 admin console in a separate browser tab.

  • Select Add Application

  • Choose Custom Application

  • Enter an Application Name

  • Select Add


Configure the application.

  • Fill the ACS URL copied from KSSO into the following fields:

    • Issuer

    • Assertion Consumer URLs (Press Add)

    • Access URL

  • Save

Download the IDP metadata. You will use the metadata file in the next step.

Go back to the KSSO setup wizard. On the metadata import step, Browse and select the downloaded metadata file WSO2. Press Next.

Give the Identity Provider a descriptive name (the name is displayed to end users when logging in). Press Next.

Review the imported signing certificate (this step is purely informational). Press Next.

  • Select whether users already exist or if you wish to have users automatically created upon login.

  • Optionally assign a default group for new users.

Review the configuration Summary. Then press Finish.

You can now test SAML login through WSO2.