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Our API connectors gives you a synchronizing background job reading out user and group data from APIs at give you the ability to sync users from Azure AD, Google GSuite or Okta . With API Connector you can manage Atlassian accounts and security policies in one place, -in the Cloud. The Atlassian applications are kept up to date into a separate Atlassian user directory. The Atlassian application is automatically kept in sync whenever a new user is created, updated, deactivated or deleted in the cloud user repository. You will save time, improve security and gain greater control over your license costs.

and reads out user and permission data at scheduled intervals. an auto synchronized user directory is setup. This takes responsibility of keeping the Atlassian products updated with user accounts, groups and group memberships.

How does it work?

Azure, G Suite and Okta all offer their own REST APIs giving access to information about your users and groups.

Since Atlassian do not support these APIs natively, we have created a bridge API which exposes the cloud provider APIs as Atlassian Crowd APIs.

Atlassian Crowd APIs is not used to make this work, so you do not need to have a license for the Atlassian Crowd products.

The Atlassian products communicate with Kantega SSO using the normal REST Crowd API. 

Kantega SSO will take the responsibility of connecting to the cloud providers.

API Server


The synchronization itself is done using the identity provider’s proprietary user management APIs. From the Atlassian administrator’s point of view, it’s otherwise no different from defining a Crowd or LDAP directory.